ATX Process, LLC


The experience and attention to detail needed to get the job done right the first time.




Dane Cuppett

Managing member

Dane managed a large process serving firm from 2009-2019. He has overseen the successful service of tens of thousands of individuals and businesses around the country including high profile celebrity serves. With a knack for finding and talking to defendants and a vast network of contacts, Dane can help you accomplish even the most difficult service.


Nicole Wade

Managing member

Nicole got her start in civil process and litigation support in 2012. Working closely with area law firms for the last seven years has given Nicole a keen attention to detail and an eye for mistakes. She has drafted and tailored thousands of complex affidavits to meet the array of needs presented by clients. Her scrupulous attention to accuracy and mastery of the rules of civil process make her a valuable member to any team of litigators.




Dane Cuppett and Nicole Wade met while working at another process serving firm in 2012. Around this same time, that outfit began to grow significantly. The pair quickly realized that they made a strong team and enjoyed working with one another. Over the years that followed, they mastered their knowledge of the rules and case law pertaining to service of process and developed a vast network of servers from coast to coast. They broadened the scope of their services to include skip tracing when the defendants or witnesses their clients needed could not be found.

Years of experience demonstrated the need for a local outfit that placed customer satisfaction, accuracy of affidavits, and attention to detail as its paramount and guiding principles of operation. Civil process service is often seen by those involved in the industry as a “volume game.” This is a mistaken attitude that deprives clients of the attention their cases deserve and ultimately hurts the standards of our industry. ATX is not a big box process serving company. We are a small, boutique firm that uses a case by case approach to tailor our services to meet your needs.

Opening its doors in 2019, ATX Process fills the gap between mom and pop and big-box process serving companies. We have the resources and network needed to handle all of your needs while maintaining the highest standards of quality that you and your cases deserve.