ATX Process, LLC

ATX Process, LLC

Nationwide Service of Process, Unsurpassed Attention to Detail


Experienced and efficient litigation support services

Based in downtown Austin, Texas, ATX Process, LLC is an experienced team ready to take on your civil process needs, wherever they may arise. We understand that our clients and their staffs are responsible for managing the entire litigation process from start to finish. Though seemingly archaic in its paper-oriented focus, civil process makes up a small but essential part of our legal system - namely, the right to due process. With 17 years of combined experience, our team’s knowledge of the rules and proper procedures necessary to effect good service will help ensure that you are covered in this complex but indispensable aspect of civil litigation.

We use a case by case approach to tailor our services to meet the needs of you and your clients. There is not a “one size fits all” solution when it comes to civil process service. Different scenarios involving a wide array of defendants and witnesses call for the use of a wide variety of tactics and approaches - what works well in one case will in fact be very detrimental in another. We understand this reality and keep it in mind as we evaluate each client’s unique needs.

Our processes and procedures are stream-lined and easy to understand.  We have process servers in all 254 Texas counties and all 50 states.  We aim to provide an all-encompassing service so that you and your staff can focus on other aspects of the litigation process.  When you file a petition, simply scan and email us a file-marked copy and we will follow up with the clerks directly for the citation or writ and arrange a pickup if needed.  If you have a subpoena you need served you may handle it the same way – just scan and email it to us.  We will confirm receipt, advance the appropriate witness tender, obtain timely service, and file a complete and accurate return with the court.  We will keep you apprised each step of the way and provide a file-marked return and invoice for each service we perform. 

We know there are many options when it comes to civil process service. Let us show you how we can help you litigate more effectively and earn your business in the process. We appreciate your consideration and look forward to the opportunity to work with you.


Why ATX Process?


17 years of combined experience. The know-how to get your service accomplished as expeditiously and efficiently as possible.


Our servers are outfitted with a smart phone app and our clients are given login credentials and/or the option of automated email updates. This system allows us to provide real-time information on all services we handle.

attention to detail

Meticulous attention to accuracy and detail in every document we produce.

A vast network of reputable professionals

We have standing relationships with trusted and reputable servers in all two hundred and fifty-four Texas counties and all fifty states that allow us to meet your service needs here, there, or anywhere.

customer service

Reach out to a team member that you know on a first name basis.

strict adherence to t.r.c.p and f.r.c.p.

We understand and abide by the the rules and case law that govern the standards of service of individuals, trusts, business entities, government agencies, and public agencies.



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