ATX Process, LLC


Taking the guesswork out of civil process.


Civil process service

Based in downtown Austin, Texas but with a network that spans all 254 Texas Counties and all 50 states, ATX Process is equipped to handle all of your civil process needs wherever they may arise.

courthouse pickups and filings

Have a last minute filing that cannot be done electronically? Need a citation picked up from a remote county? Give us a call, we have boots on the ground that can get you what you need when you need it.

skip tracing

We perform all of our own skip traces in-house. When you hire us to perform a skip trace, you’re getting more than a quick database search. You’re paying for our time and efforts to track down someone who does not want to be found.

mobile notaries

Medical records affidavits, business records affidavits, case verification - wherever and whenever you need a notary, we can assist.


If you have a particularly uncooperative defendant upon which traditional service tactics will not produce results, we will go to extreme measures to get the job done.

sos filings and apostilles

Corporate filings, Apostilles, Service of a foreign entity - these are a few of the many services offered in person at the Texas Secretary of State. Located in downtown Austin, our office is just blocks away.

foreclosure postings

We will pickup the originals, make the requisite copies, advance the recording fees and post the recorded copy to the appropriate courthouse bulletin board - leaving you and your staff to handle other business.

criminal background checks

Need to know who you’re dealing with? We can help. With full nationwide background checks available, let us do the digging for you.

asset searches

Want to see if a person or entity is even worth pursuing? Or do you need to collect on an existing judgment and need to know where to start? We can help.